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HansenHouse Communication

Glenn Hansen

Area(s) of Expertise: Marketing Communication

Industry: Health & Fitness, Powersports, Recreation, Energy Industries, Safety.

About HansenHouse Communication

When told well and shared effectively, stories engage and encourage action. That's true both personally and professionally. And every business can improve connection with customers, with vendor partners and with employees by better communicating its stories. HansenHouse Communication provides story-telling strategies and expertise, serving a variety of businesses with communication strategies, from traditional PR to internal communications to best use of new-media platforms.

About Glenn Hansen

I began my career in communication and story-telling as a writer and magazine editor, covering health and fitness, sports and powersports. This 15 years in media included work as a TV host as well. To develop corporate communication skills, I spent seven years as communication manager for a major powersports brand, working as advertising and pr manager. In 2009, I started HansenHouse Communication to help a variety of companies improve their communication efforts for improved sales, employee engagement and business-to-business interaction.